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How you can benefit from our courses

If your company provides its employees with English lessons, do you know the answers to these questions?

  • Do you know the current level of your employees’ English language skills?
  • Do you or would you like to have independent feedback on whether or not your employees’ language competence is actually improving?
  • Are your employees able to effectively communicate with a native speaker of English, not just their local (Czech-born) English teacher?

Our intensive English conversation courses, taught exclusively by native English speakers, will help you get answers to these questions, and participants will benefit from them by getting intensive practice, improving fluency and gaining self-confidence when speaking English.

Corporate English conversation courses with native speakers

Do your employees need to improve their English language skills to be able to communicate with their English-speaking colleagues more effectively, or improve their English to ensure their business negotiations and presentations on business trips abroad are smooth and successful? Take advantage of the intensive conversation courses with native English speakers offered by English Focus, a specialist in English courses and camps taught exclusively by native speakers of English. The length, focus and location of the course can be modified to suit the needs of each particular client.

The benefits of English Focus courses

We specialize in multi-day intensive courses with native English speakers as an alternative to regular English lessons taught by Czech teachers of English, or possibly as a supplement for such language training. In our experience, intensive courses led by native English speakers are more effective in increasing the participants’ fluency; our courses can simulate real-life situations more authentically, both in terms of general English and business English skills, and they tend to be more successful in boosting the participants’ self-confidence and ability to interact naturally with other native speakers abroad than if they had been exposed only to non-native speakers.

Types of courses

English Focus can offer intensive courses of any length of time, depending on your company’s and employees’ schedule and time restraints. We typically organize week-long courses, but we can provide companies with shorter courses with the possibility of part of the course taking place on a weekend, or even strictly weekend courses. Upon request, we can modify the content of the course to meet the needs of the specific business and its employees. During the course itself, our teacher and the participants can focus on specific, either general English or business English topics that were agreed beforehand, practice and get feedback on business presentations (presentation skills), and gain confidence in using business English phrases, e.g., for making telephone calls, chairing meetings, etc. In general, English Focus courses are designed as conversation courses, but they can also focus on other language skills – writing, reading, grammar, pronunciation, etc.

Language audit

As an optional part of our courses, we offer to conduct an English language audit prior to the course. A language audit using calibrated, professional tools will provide you with an accurate assessment of your employees’ language skills. The results of the language audit can then be used to divide the students into groups and also identify the weak spots of the individual participants (listening, speaking, grammar, etc.) and allow the course to be tailored to meet the actual development needs of your staff.


The price of the course depends on its length and location (your company premises vs. rented space). Based on your requirements and the agreed parameters of the course, we will prepare a quotation for a custom course for you.

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