About us

What you should know about our team

We are a dynamic team of fully qualified English teachers and native speakers certified to teach English as a foreign language.

The English language and teaching it has become a lifelong hobby for us. Our goal is to provide pupils and students at Czech elementary and secondary schools with courses that are both beneficial and fun, and through which participants will improve their language skills and find motivation to go on to further study.

As parents of schoolchildren, we know that contact with a native speaker is an indispensable part of standard foreign language lessons held at schools. We are also aware that not every school has the possibility to employ its own native speaker and not every family has the means to pay for a school trip to the UK for their child. However, we feel that every child should have the chance at least once to see what it is like to be exposed to authentic English. Therefore, we have decided to give all elementary and secondary schools in the country, regardless of their size or location, the opportunity to hold an intensive English conversation course with a native speaker. We can provide students with an affordable course taught at their school at a time that suits them and their teachers.

We believe that you will find what we offer interesting.

All our teachers are college educated and TEFL-certified, i.e., qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Feedback on our teachers and our past courses, both from our contact teachers and course participants, can be found here. We will either recommend a suitable teacher to you or, if possible, accommodate your preference. We are happy to see that schools often establish cooperation with a specific teacher, who then repeatedly returns to their school. Further information about our teachers is available upon request.

Meet our team of teachers

Noah has been living and teaching in The Czech Republic for the past 3 years. In March 2015, he traveled to Prague and earned his TEFL/YLT certification through The Language House. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the rich landscapes, history and culture of The Czech Republic. With a background in both the visual and performing arts, he enjoys applying this creativity to his weekly lessons. Although originally from the U.S state of Wisconsin, Prague is very much his second home.


Spencer is originally from Oklahoma in the United States. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s in international area studies. Last year, he received his TEFL/YLT certification from The Language House in Prague. Since then, he has been living and teaching English in Prague for a little over a year now. His love for traveling and teaching children is what led to his working as an English teacher abroad. During his free time, he enjoys hiking, film, reading and traveling to as many places as he can.


Charles has been teaching for over 21 years. He began teaching in Italy and has travelled and taught all over the world. He began teaching English to Czechs in the late 1990s. In 2002 he came to teach in Prague. During his free time, he creates his own fashion collections, sets up art galleries and enjoys visiting sporting competitions. His creativity inspires his love for teaching. He has experienced teaching around the Czech Republic, throughout Europe and the international community. Charles was born, raised and educated in London.



Tenneal Ward is originally from Australia and spent some time in the US as a child. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Griffith University in Australia. She has taught English for the last seven years in several different places including the Republic of Georgia and Slovakia before settling in Prague. She enjoys cooking new things and travelling.

Megan is originally from Des Moines, Iowa in the United States. She graduated from Simpson College in December of 2016 with a major in Business Management and a minor in Political Science. While working as a manager after graduation, she developed a work ethic centralized around communication and creativity. Her desire to learn more about the world and love for working with children led her to pursue teaching English in Prague. Megan received her TEFL/YLT certification from The Language House in November of 2019. Outside of teaching she enjoys discovering new music and foods, practicing yoga, and traveling.

Alex is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. In December of 2018 he graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a major in Advertising/Public Relations and a minor in Czech studies. In the fall semester of 2017 Alex was awarded a scholarship to study history at Charles University in Prague. Once there he fell in love with The Czech Republic and the history and culture of the country. He came back to Prague in early October and graduated from The Language House in November of 2019. With a background in marketing Alex stresses the importance of being able to speak clearly and listen carefully and applies these skills to his lessons. When he’s not teaching he loves to spend his time in the mountains hiking in the summer and alpine skiing in the winter.

Emily recently returned to Prague after obtaining her CELTA certification from Birmingham City College in the U.K. She is originally from Colwyn Bay, Wales and grew up in Worcester, England. She first came to Prague seven years ago and decided to move back last year as she missed living in the Czech Republic! She has been teaching adults and children English for over 3 years. She has a Masters Degree in Film and a keen interest in film production, during her free time she works as an artist and photographer and has held exhibitions across Europe of her work.

Jean Paul is originally from West Hampstead in London. He graduated from The University of Sussex with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Philosophy. After, he went on to study the first year of a Forensic Psychology Masters at Middlesex University. Jean Paul has a keen interest in pedagogy, specifically in English language, literature and the arts. Before arriving in Prague he worked as a youth worker with vulnerable children where he taught classes in literature, film and poetry. He then went on to live in Spain for two years where he received his TEFL certification from TTMadrid.  While living in Spain his passion was sparked for teaching English as a foreign language. In 2016 Jean Paul moved to Prague to continue his teaching career in the Czech Republic with a focus on younger learners. Jean Paul’s classroom learning environment promotes fun and utilizes imagination and games to encourage students to communicate without fear. He believes that to learn one must first feel comfortable to be able to stumble. During his free time he enjoys working on film production, screenwriting, reading and traveling.