About us

What you should know about our team

We are a dynamic team of fully qualified English teachers and native speakers certified to teach English as a foreign language.

The English language and teaching it has become a lifelong hobby for us. Our goal is to provide pupils and students at Czech elementary and secondary schools with courses that are both beneficial and fun, and through which participants will improve their language skills and find motivation to go on to further study.

As parents of schoolchildren, we know that contact with a native speaker is an indispensable part of standard foreign language lessons held at schools. We are also aware that not every school has the possibility to employ its own native speaker and not every family has the means to pay for a school trip to the UK for their child. However, we feel that every child should have the chance at least once to see what it is like to be exposed to authentic English. Therefore, we have decided to give all elementary and secondary schools in the country, regardless of their size or location, the opportunity to hold an intensive English conversation course with a native speaker. We can provide students with an affordable course taught at their school at a time that suits them and their teachers.

We believe that you will find what we offer interesting.

All our teachers are college educated and TEFL-certified, i.e., qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Feedback on our teachers and our past courses, both from our contact teachers and course participants, can be found here. We will either recommend a suitable teacher to you or, if possible, accommodate your preference. We are happy to see that schools often establish cooperation with a specific teacher, who then repeatedly returns to their school. Further information about our teachers is available upon request.