Frequently asked questions – courses for schools

Practice your English with a native speaker

1) What are the benefits of English Focus courses for students?

Our courses improve the students’ communication skills in English, expand their vocabulary, and teach them to understand the speech of a native speaker as a whole instead of translating every single word into Czech.

In our experience, after a while students become more self-confident, lose the fear of failure or making mistakes and start to actually communicate with the native speaker. During the course, students learn without even realizing it. The fact that students often request another course speaks for itself.

2) What type of activities does the course include?

The course consists of speaking exercises, games, role-play and communication activities. The usual frontal, i.e., teacher-centered instruction is used the least of all.

3) What are the costs associated with organizing English Focus courses for the school?

There are no costs incurred by the school itself. The teacher’s accommodation and travel expenses are covered by our company and the teachers pay for their own food. If possible, we ask that the school print the certificates of completion.

4) We are located in a small town or village, far from the nearest major city. Is that a problem?

Not at all. Our teachers travel around the entire country and they will gladly come to your school, wherever it may be. The teachers usually arrive in your town on Sunday night and on Monday morning they are in the school, ready to start teaching.

5) We have received applications from students from different grades. Can we form a group from students of different ages?

Yes, that is possible; however, we recommend that students should be divided based on their knowledge and language skills to form as homogenous a group as possible.

6) Can we ask the teacher to cover specific topics with the students?

Of course, our teachers will do their best to meet your requirements. Please specify your request in the order form, which you will submit prior to the course.

7) How long in advance do we need to book the course?

We recommend that you make the booking as early as possible. We also offer the possibility of making a preliminary booking. Certain weeks during the school year are in particularly high demand, so unless you book early, we cannot guarantee that our lecturers will be available at your preferred dates, even if you decide to book the course a month in advance.

8) We booked a course via email or using the contact form. What happens now? 

We’ll get in touch with you and send you a detailed order form, which will provide us and our teachers with necessary information. Approximately one week before the start of the course, we will email you the name of the teacher and their contact details. Attached with this email, you will also receive the certificate of completion for your students. The lecturer will arrive at your school on Monday morning, and following a brief introduction, they can work with the group on their own. Invoicing is done after the completion of the course, based on the actual number of students who attended the course.

9) What happens if a student falls ill during the course?

Students pay only for the days that they actually attended the course.

This applies only if there are on average no fewer than 16 students/group.

10) Does our teacher need to be present in class during the course?

No, that is not necessary. In fact, from our experience, this is not even recommended. If students don’t understand the native speaker, they often have a tendency to ask their regular teacher for translation. The aim of the course is for the students to achieve the communication goals on their own. However, if your teacher wants to come and observe part of the course, they are welcome to do so.

If you have another question you would like to ask us, please use the form on the Contact page or email us at