Frequently asked questions – courses for companies

Practice your English with a native speaker

1) How will our employees benefit from your course?

English Focus courses are designed to improve participants’ English communication skills, expand their vocabulary, and to teach them to perceive the speech of a native speaker as a whole rather than try to understand and translate every single word into their first language.

2) What type of activities does the course include?

The course consists of grammar and speaking exercises, games and other communication activities. If you choose the option of a language audit, the course will start with a diagnostic test.

3) What exactly is a language audit?

To be able to objectively assess the level of your employees’ English language skills and knowledge, we offer the option of administering and evaluating a diagnostic test, which consists of the following segments: listening comprehension, writing and speaking. The results of this standardized test identify the strengths and weaknesses of each participant individually. The teacher will then focus on the participants practicing skills in the problem areas during the course. The audit also includes a written assessment, which the teacher will prepare at the end of the course and which will also detail the progress achieved during the course and give recommendations for future study.

4) We are a small business located in a small town, far from the nearest major city. Is that a problem?

No, it is not. Our teachers travel all over the Czech Republic and they will be happy to come to you wherever you are based. The teachers usually arrive in the area the night before the course and are ready to start teaching the following morning.

5) How many employees can take part in the course?

We recommend forming groups of no more than 15 participants, but individual lessons are also a possibility.

6) Can we ask the teacher to cover specific topics during the course?

Absolutely, our teachers will do their best to meet your requirements. Please specify your request in the order form, which you will submit prior to the course.

7) How far in advance do we need to book the course?

We recommend that you make a booking as early as possible. We also offer the possibility of making a preliminary booking. Certain weeks during the year are in particularly high demand, so unless you book early, we cannot guarantee that our teachers will be available on your preferred dates, even if you decide to book the course a month in advance.

8) We have booked a course by email or through the contact form. What happens now?

We will get in touch with you and send you a detailed order form, which will provide us and our teachers with the necessary information. Approximately one week before the start of the course, we will email you the name of the teacher and their contact details.

9) How do we pay for the course?

After the course, we will send you an invoice. The payment can be made electronically, by bank transfer.

10) Can you provide a course longer than one week?

Yes, we can. If you are interested in a longer course, this can be arranged.

If you have not found an answer to your question, feel free to contact us using the form on the Contact page or write to us at We will answer your questions within 24 hours.