Interview with Noah

1. How long do you want to stay in the Czech Republic?

I am extending my visa for two more years but I hope to stay longer 🙂

2. What would you like to say to our students?

Practise, practise! Good ways to use English outside of the classroom…..English films, serials, books, comics and even video games. If you know someone who speaks English, call or message them.

3. How long have you been teaching English? What did you do before you were a teacher?

3 years in the Czech Republic and about a year in Nepal. Before teaching I worked several jobs. I was painting before I moved to the Czech Republic.

4. Why did you decide to move away from the United States?

I’ve always loved to travel and wanted a new experience. My friend studied in the Czech Republic and recommended it. I only thought I would be here a few months! Now it’s been 3 years.

5. What do you like in our country?

I like the long, rich history. The castles and nature and the countryside.

6. What do you like best about teaching?

I like motivating students to pursue their interests and make goals for themselves. It’s very rewarding when they use a new word or phrase that I taught them. I also enjoy the travel and learning new things about Czech culture from them.

7. What subject did you like at school? And why?

I liked art the most. It gave me a chance to be creative and try new ideas.

8. What do you do in your free time?

I like to visit historic sites during the week. I enjoy photography in my free time. On the weekends I like to see live music, go to cultural events and explore Prague.

9. Tell us what do you like in the USA? What places would you advise to visit?

I would recommend the national parks. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Arches, and Glacier are my favorites. The natural landscape is very unique in Amerika.

10. What is your favorite food in the USA and in the Czech Republic?

I love Mexican food and there is a lot of that in the USA. My favorite Czech meal is „Smažený sýr, hranolky a tatarka 🙂

11. What countries have you visited in your life?

I’ve been lucky to visit these countries – Canada, Mexico, Belize, England, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Holland, Nepal, Tibet, China. I hope to visit more 🙂

Simona Basovníková

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